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Sajsi MC – Ne daj mi / music video

Having the opportunity to direct, film, edit and do DOP (director of photography) for this music video was a blast.

Working with Ivana (Sajsi MC) and her creative team, as well as with  MUA Dragan Vurdelja, who was also a Creative Director on this project was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had. Enjoy in this little masterpiece we created.

Video Crew

Director: Miodrag Milenković
Filming & Editing: Miodrag Milenković
DOP: Miodrag Milenković
Creative Director: Dragan Vurdelja
Make Up: Dragan Vurdelja
Assistant Make Up : Lazar Radovanović
Stayling: Dragan Vurdelja
Hair: Aleksandar Dramićanin
Model: Miloš Vučić

MY ARTistry.  

It’s a never-ending exploration. A journey. It is growing up, learning, trying, making a beautiful tapestry of mistakes and success. It is people who made me, people who changed me. It is making every dark thought into something beautiful.