vrlo lična terapija

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very personal therapy.

Fizio Vračar is one of my passion projects. And a total design project. Everything for Fizio Vracar was built from scratch. From creative concept to every smallest detail. Logo design, web design, print, photography, videos, music, advertising concepts, and marketing strategies were created, developed or produced by me.

Very personal therapy was imagined as a campaign that should change the narrative used for adverting physical therapy and sports medicine. And it is a part of a brand strategy that wants to connect with people on a much more emotional and personal level. It’s a story of a trust that goes both ways. And a story that will continue in following campaigns for Fizio Vračar.

VIDEO 4 Very Personal Therapy.


Being inspired by the people you get a chance to work with is, in my personal opinion, a greatest thing that can happen to a creative person. Listening to people, observing them, learning about them makes creative process so much more. It makes it personal. As it should be.