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Collaborative Inspiration.

Working with this talented designer, art director, and amazing human being was an exceptional opportunity for me to learn The Art of Less. Designing her logo and web site, shooting photography, making video and writing music was a chance for one more total design project that I love doing. Her minimalist approach to her work inspired me to think differently and gave me an idea on how to make fusion of minimalism and 90s MTV video esthetic. 

Fun fact is that all the photos and video for the web shot on iPhone 5s.


Web Site Background Video.

This video was entirely shoot and edited on iPhone 5s. It was an amazing experience. 



Being inspired by the people you get a chance to work with is, in my personal opinion, a greatest thing that can happen to a creative person. Listening to people, observing them, learning about them makes creative process so much more. It makes it personal. As it should be.