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Fizio Vračar is one of my passion projects. And a total design project. Everything for Fizio Vracar was built from scratch. From creative concept to every smallest detail. Logo design, web design, print, photography, videos, music, advertising concepts, and marketing strategies were created, developed or produced by me.


Daddy’s was created on Christmas Eve. My good friend was starting her own business – designing and manufacturing mans suits. She trusted me and gave me freedom to think outside the box. To think about who she is and what defines her and her life. And it downed me, so perfectly. This was also a total design project. From creative concept to logo and photography, videos, web design. Love every step of this project .


Working with this talented designer, art director and amazing human being was an amazing opportunity to learn the art of less is more. Designing her logo, shooting photography, making videos and music was a chance for one more total design project that I loved doing. Fun fact is that all the photos and video for the web were shoot on iPhone 5s.


Work on this creative concept was an amazing process. Learning about the history of Zemun and the mentality of its settlers. Incorporating all of that it into visuals, designing a logo, and filming and editing videos, photo editing, web site design. This was an educational and fun collaborative project with Building Directorate of Serbia & Kreativa Unlimited – an advertising agency.


Video filming and editing, web site design.


An amazing project for real estate company and beautiful collaboration with JWT Advertising agency, Miss Snezana Adjanin and my friend Dusko Matic, a photographer. I was in charge for creative concept and photo editing.

The Witches Drop.

One more total design project. I made a creative concept for this holistic therapist. I also designed a logo.

Carbon – Architect Interior Design.

Input was simple for this one. My good friend, an architect, started his own company, and he needed a name, a logo, and everything that follows.

ANF – All Natural Foods.

This was an amazing task. Creating clean and understandable communication on web for the company that produces variety of organic product from food to cosmetics, and also a technology for food processing. Also I wrote a copy for the web site. Ans I had my friend Jovan Lakic, a designer,  doing a web development for this 

Fitness World.

This was one of the first logos I’ve ever designed. Input was very strict in sense of elements that it had to contain. The logo also had to resonate with owners sensibility.


Computer geek, Photographer, Designer, WP Developer, Cinematographer, Video editor, a Writer. I become a Head of the Marketing and Advertising, Creative Director and a person with an MA degree in Politics and Social Sciences.