Miodrag Milenkovic

about me


First and foremost computer and gadget geek. Born analog in ’81, but digitally made. I was always drawn to technology and its ability to be applied to the creative process. I first started with writing – short stories mostly and eventually a novel. Then I started experimenting with music – writing, singing and producing. Then come the internet and a web site development, and with it web design, graphic design. But it all came together with photography and filming and editing videos.

The discomfort of feeling bored always drive me to learn something new.

While learning all that I got ma MA degree in Politics and social science, and I started working in marketing and advertising industry.

In short, I am the Computer Geek, Photographer, Designer, WP Developer, Cinematographer, Video editor, a Writer. I become a Head of the Marketing and Advertising, Creative Director, employed by Building Directorate of Serbia and working part-time for Fizio Vracar.

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