on a golden thread

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Melancholy Superman

Melancholy Superman is a simple story of loneliness, of longing for a touch, of the one who is not there.

It’s a testament to a simple fact that not every story has a happy ending. Two hearts can be connected by a golden thread and still be far from each other.

It’s reminiscing of such love on a lonely night. It’s about taking all that pain and creating something beautiful, sexy, and emotional

I’ve created this photography during the quarantine of 2020. for “Drugi par gaća” – an arty, fashion and visually contemporary men’s blog magazine, where they featured my interview. To read it just click here.


MY ARTistry.  

It’s a never-ending exploration. A journey. It is growing up, learning, trying, making a beautiful tapestry of mistakes and success. It is people who made me, people who changed me. It is making every dark thought into something beautiful.