that made us men

#art #photo #portrait #concept


I put on this face of a man to hide this boy inside.
And I put on this shades to hide my eyes.
For the truth is that boys cry, and men are forbidden. At least that what they made us believe.

They have also told me that doubt is a burden. That it corrupts one’s soul. And for a while, I believed.

But I got kissed by a unicorn and I come to realize that the truth is quite the opposite.
My doubt made me free, it opened my eyes to be able to stare in the sun. And for the first time, a saw my doubt showing my the way, showing me the choice. My doubts showed me that there is more then one way. My doubt shapes me into the man I want to be.

MY ARTistry.  

It’s a never-ending exploration. A journey. It is growing up, learning, trying, making a beautiful tapestry of mistakes and success. It is people who made me, people who changed me. It is making every dark thought into something beautiful.